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  • I am deeply saddened and grateful for having known Aliza these past 16 years. She was passionate about the causes she believed in and passionate about recruiting others to them. I don’t think I know anyone who fought numerous battles with cancer and had such a strong will to live, and to live life as fully as possible. May you all find comfort in your memories. I know I will.

  • we are online waiting for this to begin. Is it delayed? we are in NYC and it is now 9:07 AM eastern time.

  • I will always remember your generosity of spirit. I love you my dear cousin.
    I could always rely on you for any genealogy question regarding on our family.
    Much love to you Dodi and DereK
    Your cousin, Nancy Richeimer

  • Beautiful and very sad
    love love love
    our thoughts are with you
    rhoda and dwight