About Us

Midabrim Communications is a video production and live streaming company that uses the latest technology and equipment to guarantee the highest quality product. Our hard working team of network engineers, photographers and videographers have over 15 years of experience in the field.

Midabrim Communications is a parent company to Simchastream and 1Unisim.

1Unisim is a SIM rental service that provides SIM cards for travelers to Israel, US and many other countries. If you are traveling abroad for an event, simcha, or vacation, 1Unisim can provide you a high quality, affordable phone plan. 

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Simchastream enables your family and friends to be part of your simcha even if they can’t physically be there.

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Why choose Midabrim?

What makes us the primary choice both by private and public customers is the quality of our service and our wide variety of options at a low cost. Our team of network engineers and professional videographers guides you through the entire process and provides all the technology and services necessary for your event.

We will work with you to fit your budget without affecting the quality!