Our Services

At Midabrim Communications, we use our expertise to make sure every event runs smoothly and enables the viewer to experience the event as if they were physically present.

Video Production

Bring your vision to life

We’ll help you share your story or content through video. Our team helps walk you through the pre-production in order to ensure that the production itself runs smoothly.  We use multi camera equipment to help you produce creative content for every audience.

Video Broadcasting

Don’t let distance be a factor

We broadcast events live, in real time, to your viewers around the world. We pride ourselves on broadcasting in full HD in order to give the people at home the experience that they are attending the event in person. Each broadcast is monitored by our network center to ensure the highest quality broadcast.

Virtual Event Production

Interact online

We bring the magic of  live events into a virtual setting. We create a live production that gives viewers the full experience without ever leaving their home. Whether it be panel discussions or work conferences, we enable smooth online interaction between all parties involved.


Simchastream is a child company of Midabrim Communications. 

We specialize in livestream broadcasts of special occasions such as weddings, Bnei Mitzvah, Brit Milot, and more. Our goal is to enable your closest friends and family members to be part of your event even without physically being present. 

We broadcast every event in High Definition over 5 networks to ensure the highest quality connection for your viewers. Each broadcast is closely monitored by our skilled professionals in our network center.  After the broadcast, you receive an online high definition archive as well as a downloadable file.

No matter the distance, Simchastream can bring your loved ones closer!