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  • Dear Family & Friends,

    Thank you so much for joining our Simcha!

    We are so sorry you were not able to attend, yet delighted you are here with us from afar!

    Please let us know you were here 😉

    May we continue to share only Simchas!

    A & D

    משפחה וחברים יקרים,

    תודה רבה על השתתפותכם בשמחתנו!
    אנחנו מאוד מצטערים על כך שלא היה באפשרותכם להגיע, אך שמחים מאוד על השתתפותכם מרחוק!
    נשמח לשמוע שהייתם פה 🙂

    בשמחות אצלכם,
    אבי ודינה

  • Mazeltov to Avi and Dina! So glad I can “attend”, even if it’s virtual.
    Avi, I’m wearing my red hat, just as I promised you several years ago!
    Wishing you both lots of love and good health.

  • Avi and Dina,
    Mazel tov to you and your families! I wish you many happy, healthy years together.
    Lots of love from Auntie Zelda

  • Best wishes to both families on this veryv esy way to participate wit yo’

    Please send address to contact the new couple?

    Sara & Baruch Sternthal, Givat Shmuel

  • Mazal tov Avi and Dina on your wedding from Brooklyn, New York.

    May you have much happiness together.


    Devora Kahn (a friend of Anna Aronovitch)

  • Dini you look beautiful, all the smiles and energy in the hall, I feel here while Im watching.
    We are so sorry we cant be there in person but we are there in spirit
    Mazal tov much Bracha and Simcha

  • Naomi you look stunning. We are so very grateful that we are able to participate from afar. Thank you for making it possible/
    Mazal tov

  • Dearest Dina and Avi!!!
    Mazal tov!!!!!
    What a stunning Chasuna!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Thank you for arranging the video hookup!!! You are an amazing couple!!
    May you have loads of Brocha and Hatzlocha together!!!
    Wishing you all the best Mazal Tov wishes,
    Lots of love, 🙂
    Yisroel Shlomo, Rivky, Elimelech, Ita Rachel, Asher Moshe and Malka Mehlman

  • Mazel Tov!!!!
    What a special Simcha!! sososo happy for you all!
    May you continue smiling all of your life!
    Wish we could have come (b”h for good reasons..)
    This livestream is great, thank you for arranging!

  • Hey. Mazal Tov!!!!!

    Beautiful wedding!! So happy for everyone, and so sorry I couldn’t be there to share it with you. Although I do have to say the videography is amazing. I’ve been watching the whole time and feel like I’m there. (and a few co-workers as well… lol)

    Much mazal, nachat, health and all the good things in life!

    All our love,

    Hugs and kisses

    Rivky and Mark

  • Thanks to the marvel of our times, I was able to attend your wedding.
    It was a lovely wedding. You looked wonderful.
    Much happiness to both of you. Love, Alice