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  • Hi Rosie,
    Thank you for including me to participate in Josh and Adena’s wedding. Wishing you all mazaltov and all the best for this wonderful occasion.
    See you online

  • Hi Rosie, Josh and Adena, Mazaltov, mazaltov!!!! Can’t believe that Josh is getting married. I think that we last saw him when he was about thirteen. Just wonderful. I’ll definitely be joining you online at 2am in the morning over here.

    Big hugs and lots of love,

    Barbara and Mel xxxxxxx

  • mazeltov adena & josh. we wish you health and incredible memories on your journey together.

  • Mazel tov Adena and Josh. Wishing you love, luck and happiness for the future.
    Lots of love Alex Deon Ella Zac and Jake xxx

  • Mazeltov Adena & Josh
    Wishing you a future together filled with only the best that life has to offer.
    A big congratulations to both your families. Enjoy your special day !

  • Mazaltov, so much love from all of us and wishes for the happiest of marriages! Watching with love, happy AND sad hearts … SO wish we could be there. From Michael, Jane, Simmy, Vanessa, Milla, Max and Leo XXXXXX

  • Mazeltov to ALL the families we are looking so forward to enjoying the simcha
    lots of nachas for the future. Love Michael and Sandra

  • Warmest mazaltov to the Benjamin & Prissman families. May Josh & Adena have great health, good luck and much love always.
    I enjoyed being part of your beautiful wedding thank you

  • Sending you guys a HUGE MAZAL TOV, and much love! Melissa Max & Alex XOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXXO

  • Mazaltov to everyone,. What a wonderful and inspiring wedding. The setting alone was more than awesome. Wishing Josh and Adena a happy life together filled with blessings and the light of Hashem. The video allowed us all to participate in this beautiful simcha. Thank you.

  • Mazaltov Mazaltov Mazaltov Adena and Josh! We wish we could be there celebrating your love but our hearts are connecting with yours and we are celebrating with you from afar. Please know we are sending you ENDLESS LOVE, Always and Forever. Neal, Nicci, Raquel, Jesse and Raffael Menashe