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  • Mazel tov to all

    What a day

    Technology etc permitting, I look forward to being with you on this so special day


  • Shai. Today is your Bar Mitzva. Its during tough times. A time in which like Noach , (who we just read) we are in our arks to protect ourselves and Hashem watches over us. We are approaching now Lech Lecha , your parsha of today in which we want to go forward to better times. This the the day of your Bar Mitzva’ Lech Lecha. The promise that there are always better times and places to look forward to. May Hashem bless you with the ability to see the good times and places and hear His message through the Torah. May the Corona difficult times turn into the ability to merit the Keter (Corona) Torah and may you continue to be a blessing to your family and to the Jewish people.

    You leined magnificently.
    Lots of love
    Orly, Jacky and the kids.

    My father sends mazal tov and his love

  • לשי המקסים!!!!
    מזל טוב!!!!
    היה מדהים!
    התרגשנו מאוד להשתתף איתך דרך הזום!
    אוהבים מאוד מאוד
    מרים, נעמה, מאיר, ש’ימי, ואילה

  • Dear Shai, We were so happy to be able to join you today virtually with your beautiful family. MAZAL Tov to you for chanting so beautifully from the Torah. We are so proud of you!
    May you continue to be inspired by your wonderful Jewish heritage. We extend the blessings of good health, happiness and success to you! We remember the delightful time we had boating with you a few years ago and invite you to join us .
    Much love, Uncle Elliott, Auntie Sheryl and cousins Joel, Jennifer and Joni

  • Mazel Tov….again….can’t have too many mazel tovs
    So enjoyed being with you ( albeit live but “virtually”).
    What a day, what a barmitzvah…….and the food !!!.
    My English address for sending my goodie box is qqqqqq (One can but hope)

    Recently I met a lady in Bournemouth who has expressed an interest in converting. I sent her the link to the barmitzvah and I know she watched because she phoned me for explanations during the service. Her interest and enthusiasm to convert has been heightened by Shai and the Rosen family. So it’s really a special day of mitzvah.
    Such happiness and such pleasure
    Thank you for allowing me to attend