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Dear Family and Friends: Thank you for joining us from afar, wherever you’re tuning in from.
We so wish you could be here with us, to celebrate Yonti and Hadassah’s wedding in person, but baruch Hashem for the next best thing!
We miss you already! Please leave a comment to let us know you were “here” with us!
And G-d willing, may we be zocheh to share many more simchos with you — and hopefully in person!
Mazel tov and nachas!
Cindy and Tzvi Scarr


  • Hi Cindy!
    The Zeide z”l would have shepped a great deal of nachas at seeing his namesake, Yonti, at this wonderful simcha!!
    It’s very emotional.
    Much love,

  • Totally gorgeous! Mazel Tov!!!!!!!
    We love and miss you,
    The Dossetter Family xoxoxoxo

  • The wedding was so beautiful, I watched the stream from beginning to end!
    Hadassa – you are a BEAUTIFUL bride! I am so happy for you and wish to give you a huge hug and kiss soon. Mazel Tov and L’chiem to a wonderful future ahead for you both!
    I miss you! With all my love,
    Clara Dossetter

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