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  • ב ״ ה

    Dear Ron and Susan,
    I am honored and filled with joy to share in your
    mitzvah of the marriage of your beautiful daughter!
    Mazel Tov!

    Sheila Rosenberg

  • Mazel Tov Ron and Susan,
    I am thrilled and honored to share in the joy of the marriage of
    your beautiful daughter!

    Sending love from each of us.
    Sheila Rosenberg and family

  • Mazel Tov to all!
    Love from your NY cousins ❤️
    Michele, Doug, Zachary & Dylan

  • Mazal tov! We were so thrilled to be able to watch all the festivities! You should only sheb nachas from all the children. Susan you look the same as if it were yours and Ron’s wedding. Ya’akov and Hadassah make a remarkable couple! we’re so happy they found each other. Hope that this will cheer up your dad and give him the will to recover. We wish everyone can be together for Aliza’s wedding!
    All our love and blessings,
    Elke and Larry